Vasileios Laios
Vasileios Laios | 18. Dezember 2019

The Power to harness your data

The digital era. The new age. The world’s most valuable resource today: Data. Your data. Your products. Your services. Your digital shop. You have everything you need within immediate reach. What you are missing in order to make it available for everyone is the power to feed your data into the most popular search engines today, Google Merchant Center, Amazon Retail and Bing Ads.

Klickkonzept is here to offer you a solution. A tool to help you manipulate your data and feed it directly to the desired service – automatically, easy, reliable. Including quality and security tests. Harness such a power with the use of our high-quality instrument. The Klickkonzept Piper product feed.

Klickkonzept Piper includes some very useful features that will help you change your data into the exact form which you desire. Feed the e-commerce engines correctly and you will see your products move up in the chain. Never forget that, as your products ascend the stairway to success, it also profits your income.

Benefits of using Klickkonzept Piper

  1. Save time: As time is money, saving time equals saving money
    Simply provide us with your data and let our tool do the rest for you. Our specially trained team will optimise your feed products even more. Thus, creating a fabulous result.
  2. Set it and forget it: The only thing needed are your product specifications
    Our experts will create all the necessary rules to manipulate your data for it to fit exactly to the specifications of today’s e-commerce platforms.
  3. Quality ensured: Our tool ensures that your feeds hold the outmost quality
    Not only do we will filter out products that do not fit the platform, but we will also ensure that all links and images are online before proceeding with the export of your feed.
  4. Expansion is always possible: Specifying special rules for special occasions
    for example black Friday? Never a problem. We can add special rules that fire just for selected dates. Promotions were never simpler.

Achieve the success that you deserve

Technology nowadays changes with giant strides. Trying to follow every update and news is always costly and uses up time. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up. It is tiring. But it doesn’t have to be. We are here to help. We have the knowledge and the expertise. We can guide you to the top. Let us be with you along the way. Because you deserve it. With our tool we can assure you that success is imminent.

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